Story Time With Mrs. Christine

I hope you enjoy this read aloud of Pete the Cat: Too Cool for School by James Dean and Kimberly Dean.

Comprehension check questions:

  • Who told Pete to wear the yellow shirt?

  • Who told Pete to wear the red shirt?

  • Pete's brother Bob told Pete to wear what color shirt?

  • Who told Pete to wear the long pants?

  • Who told Pete to wear the shorts with the fish?

  • What did the bus driver tell Pete to wear?

  • What kind of boots did Grumpy Toad tell Pete to wear?

  • Who told Pete to wear the tie with the stripes ?

  • What did the coach tell Pete to wear?

  • Was Pete happy with all the clothes his friends told him to wear?

  • What did Pete do at the end of the story?

Deeper thinking questions:

  • Why did Pete not like the clothes his friends picked out for him?

  • What are your favorite clothes to wear?

  • When your friends tell you what to do how does it make you feel?

  • What makes you special?

Christine S.| Lead Teacher

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