Happy Hall Preschool
2019-20 Registration & Authorization
5 FULL DAYS | 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Red & Orange (Toddler)       $1,780
Yellow & Green (Preschool) $1,745*
Blue & Purple (Pre-K)          $1,520
5 PART DAYS | 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Red & Orange   (Toddler)     $1,580
Yellow & Green (Preschool)  $1,550*
Blue & Purple   (Pre-K)        $1,325

*All children who require diapering and/or potty training, will pay the Toddler rate.​

Requested Schedule

CALENDAR: Happy Hall School (HHS) is open twelve months from September through August and is closed major holidays and professional development days. Please refer to our school calendar for specific closure dates.



  • You must enroll in Tuition Auto Pay (TAP) via the Parent Portal using your bank account or credit card (2% fee for credit cards).

  • Payments are withdrawn in advance via TAP on the 3rd of each month.

  • A late payment fee of $50 will be applied to your account for payments received after the 3rd of the month.

  • Enrollment will be terminated if full payment is not received by the 10th of the month. Frequent late payments may result in dismissal.

  • When more than one person is responsible for tuition, each person is responsible for all amounts due.

  • There are no credits or refunds for absences.



  • A registration fee of $150 is due annually and is non-refundable.

  • A summer activity fee of $100 is due in march for special summer activities.



  • Applies to additional children enrolled.

  • $75 Annual Registration Discount

  • $80 Monthly Tuition Discount



  • You must call if you are going to pick up after your child’s scheduled time.

  • Part-Day A $20 per hour (or any fraction of an hour) additional hour fee will be charged for Part Day children being picked up after 3:05 PM.. After 6:05 PM the late pick-up fee will be charged.

  • Happy Hall School closes at 6:00 PM. There is a five-minute grace period, after 6:05 PM a late pick-up fee of $5 per minute will be applied to your account. Frequent lateness may result in dismissal.


  • All schedule changes must be submitted via the Schedule Change Request Form.

  • Schedule changes are subject to availability.

  • Schedule reductions requests must be received 30 days prior to the requested effective date of change or you will be charged your current tuition for 30 days from the date we receive the Schedule Change Request, even if your child does not attend their current scheduled hours.


  • Withdrawals must be submitted via the Withdrawal Request Form.

  • Withdrawal requests must be received 30 days prior to the requested effective date of change or you will be charged your current tuition for 30 days from the date we receive the Schedule Change Form, even if your child does not attend.

  • If you wish to hold your child’s space while taking time off, full tuition must be paid.



  • State Law Section 101229.1 requires all parents to sign their child in and out daily. Please use the tablets located in the lobby.

  • Be sure a staff person acknowledges your child’s arrival and departure. Children must not be left in a classroom unsupervised.

  • We will only release your child to those you have listed in the Parent Portal, unless we have authorization from you.



  • Classes start promptly at 9:00 AM. Please arrive by 8:45 AM to provide your child the opportunity to transition before the start of class.

  • If your child is going to be late or absent, please call by 9:00 AM.

  • If arriving after 9:00 AM, please wait with your child until circle time is complete.

  • Watch for children and traffic when entering and exiting the driveways. Do not leave children unattended in your car.

  • NEVER double-park, block any driveways, or leave your car running, or unlocked. Thank you for being respectful of our neighbors.

  • Parking is limited, please exit our driveways as soon as possible (cell phone use is discouraged in the driveway).

  • 10-minute parking limit in our driveways from 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM.

  • Please refrain from using your cell phone while at Happy Hall School (HHS), as a courtesy to staff and children.

  • Street cleaning is on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday and Thursday of each month from 9:00 - 11:00 AM.



  • If your child becomes sick, you will be called and expected to pick up your child within one hour.

  • Please keep your child home if he/she has a fever, is vomiting, has a rash, diarrhea or any other questionable symptoms.

  • Children must be symptom and medication free for 24 hours prior to returning.

  • To administer any medication, including over-the-counter items, to your child, State Law Section 101226.e requires that you provide us direction from a doctor and your written authorization on the HHS Medication Authorization Form. Medications are kept in the kitchen and administer at lunch time only.

FOOD: For your convenience, a breakfast table is available between 7:00-8:15 AM. Children must be finished eating by 8:15 AM. Please bring foods that are easy to handle and in a disposable container. Foods high in sugar are discouraged, and candy is not permitted. Hot lunches and snacks are provided. If your child has dietary needs, please discuss them with the Director. Children may bring their own lunch or snacks (no heat-ups).


DRESS CODE: Rubber-sole shoes are required, and velcro straps are encouraged. Shoes/sandals without backs, boots and croc shoes create safety hazards and are not permitted. Casual and comfortable clothes are recommended. Fancy/special clothing should be avoided.

TOYS & PERSONAL ITEMS: Children are not permitted to bring personal toys to HHS. Books and photographs are always welcome. Please label all items. HHS is not responsible for missing or damaged items.


PHOTOGRAPHS / VIDEOS: We often take photographs and/or video and use these images in various media for educational and promotional purposes (e.g., website, brochures, newsletters, parent events, professional training, and child observations, etc.).


COMMUNITY WALKS: Occasionally we take children on walks and parades.

STUDENT BEHAVIOR: If your child is unable to safely interact or participate in our program, you will be called and requested to pick up your child within one hour. The Director will work with your family to help address any issues.


DISENROLLMENT: If it is in the best interest of the child and/or HHS, we reserve the right to disenroll a child.


COMMUNITY CARE LICENSING: The Community Care Licensing Department has the authority, without parent consent, to conduct interviews with children or staff and to inspect and audit records per State Law Section 101200.b.


OUTSIDE SERVICES: HHS strongly discourages our employees from providing families any services that are not part of our program. HHS does not authorize such services and is not responsible for any acts or omissions of any employee while providing such services.


ARBITRATION: In the event a dispute arises out of or relating to services provided by HHS that cannot be resolved in good faith directly with HHS, all parties (parents, guardians, HHS) agree to participate in mediation by a mutually agreed upon third party.  In the event that mediation does not resolve the dispute or no third party can be agreed to, then parties agree to participate in binding arbitration governed by the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association. Any settlement or award by the arbitrator shall be final and enforceable in any court having jurisdiction over this dispute.

I authorize HHS to offer my child milk at lunch time.
I authorize HHS to apply sunscreen (provided by parent) to my child.
I authorize HHS to face paint my child.
I authorize HHS to take my child on supervised community walks.
I authorize HHS to use photographs/ videos of my child for any the uses listed in the Program Policies.




Admin Office

Monday-Friday | 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM

233 Santa Inez Avenue | San Bruno, CA 94066




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